IBU would like to announce the criteria for changing departments for students who pass from English Prep School to First Year and those who pass from First Year to Second Year.

English Prep School to First Year

Students who are registering the first semester for the first time are allowed to choose their department in the first cycle studies without any charge. However, transfer will be allowed within the accredited student quota.

Exemption is made only in cases when a student wishes to enroll in departments such as Architecture, Psychology, International Economic Relations or Computer Engineering. In these cases, students are requested to pay a tuition fee of 200 EUR on a yearly basis.

First Year to Second Year

Students who are registering in the Second Year of first cycle studies are allowed to transfer among below given departments without any charge based on the availability of the department.

International Economic Relations, Management in Public Administration, Graphic Design, Public Relations, English Language and American Studies, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering.

This rule is applicable only for the academic year 2014/2015.

For the upcoming academic years, new rules will be applied.

Deadline for Applications for changing departments is 15 September 2014.