1. In accordance with law and IBU regulations, all students who have not acquired 240 ECTS (not graduated) have to renew their semester registration by registering the remaining courses.

2. Students who do not appear to register or freeze their studies more than two semesters will be subject to disciplinary procedures and their student status will be annulled.

3. Students who have passed all courses and meet the conditions to register the Graduation Project, but have not done so in the past period, are called to register the Graduation Project as their single course in the Fall Semester of the academic year 2014/2015.

4. For the generation 2013/2014 and earlier:

    The last date for registering the Graduation Project is 07.11.2014

    The last date for defending the Graduation Project is 31.12.2014

5. Any delay in the above given deadlines means registering the Graduation Project in the Spring Semester of the academic year 2014/2015 by paying a fee.


For more information: Contact/meet the Student Affairs Office administrators