Internal call for applications


ACTION 1: INDIVIDUAL MOBILITY FOR STUDENTS AND ACADEMIC STAFF (for Academic 2014/2015 year, Spring Semester)

In the framework of the program ERASMUS+ of the European Commission, International Balkan University announces a call for allocation of scholarships for students and academic staff for a study visit at institutions for higher education. Only students registered at the third or fourth year at the IBU study programs may apply.

Duration of mobility:

  • For students: one semester;
  • For academic staff: one week (5 working days, without taking into consideration the days of travelling, with at least of 8 hours lectures at the host institution).

For realization of the mobility students or academic staff should select one of the Universities with previously sighed Erasmus+ agreement. (List of Inter Institutional Erasmus+ Agreements)
Selection/ranking of IBU students and academic staff
Interested students and academic staff should submit the following documents until 09.12.2014 (Tuesday) to Ceneta Telak, administrative officer, room no.301:

  • Student Index or Transcript of Records for confirmation of their Grade Point Average (GPA) – only for students;
  • Working Plan and Teaching Assignment– only for academic staff;
  • Motivational Letter;
  • Reasons for selecting the host institution;

This procedure will be accomplished by the internal IBU Commission that will conduct an interview with the interested candidates. Candidates will be ranked and selected according to available months/days approved by Erasmus+ agreement and the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) – only for students;
  • Quality of the Working Plan and Teaching Assignment – only for academic staff;
  • Motivational Letter;
  • Compatibility of the study program with the host institution;
  • Knowledge of English language or the language of instruction of the host institutions.

Only selected students and academic staff for mobility should submit the required documents by the Erasmus+ Program for completing their mobility dossier.
Required documents for mobility for students:

  • Student Application Form;
  • Learning Agreement signed and approved by the student and the Institutional Erasmus coordinator according to the principle of compatibility. This agreement needs to be signed and ratified by the responsible Erasmus+ person at the host university, after accomplishment of the selection process;
  • Student Certificate;
  • Transcript of Records;
  • At least one Letter of Recommendation;
  • CV (Europass model)

Required documents for mobility for academic staff:

The amount of the scholarship for students is 400-500 EUR monthly, depending on the country of stay (Grant Support for Students)
The amount of the scholarship for academic staff depends on the number of days and the country. (Grant Support for Staff)
The travel expenditures and health insurance costs are not covered by the scholarship of Erasmus+.