The project ‘Career Days at IBU’ continued on Tuesday, 26th of April 2016 with the presentation of Halkbank AD Skopje, one of the most successful and fastest growing banks in the Republic of Macedonia. In the opening remarks, the Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu expressed his satisfaction for the very successful cooperation between IBU and Halkbank in the past period and he conveyed his wishes that this cooperation will further extend in other fields in the future. He noted that the project ‘Career Days at IBU’ has produced significant opportunities to our students in terms of internship and jobs and he said that he is proud to see how our students today are part of serious companies and organizations as a result of their professional skills and knowledge, as well as the well-established connections of IBU with the business sector in Macedonia and beyond. The Chief Executive Director of Halkbank AD Skopje, Mr. Necdet Palakci offered a very interesting presentation in front of the students, initially explaining the success story of Halkbank and afterwards he shared his experience and his views on the features that one candidate should possess in order to reach employment and prosper in career. The HR Team of Halkbank presented a simulation of a well-prepared and bad-prepared candidate for a job interview, in order to visualize the advantages and disadvantages of both types of candidates. The suprise of the event was the presentation of two IBU alumni students in front of the audience who are now employees of Halkbank, as they shared their gratitude to IBU for providing them qualitative education. The second part of the event was reserved for direct contacts with students who showed interest to get engaged at Halkbank either through their internship opportunities or by applying with their CVs for a job vacancy. It was a general conclusion that this event marked another day of success at IBU.