The International Balkan University organized the first activity under the project ‘IBU CAREER DAYS’. On 25th September 2014, the first company to attend the Career Days at IBU was Ramstore Macedonia DOO. The General Manager of Ramstore Macedonia, Mr. Ibrahim Kesemen in front of the university management, academic staff and students gave a presentation on the company profile. Accompanied with his Human Resources Team, Mr. Kesemen shared his experience in the business world with our students.

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In the second part of the activity, interested students presented their CVs in front of the managers of different sectors at Ramstore, who gave detailed information on the nature of obligations in their sector, as well as presented their requirements in direction of providing internship and job opportunities for IBU students at Ramstore.

Students were directed to apply for an internship/job position at Ramstore Macedonia by sending their CVs to the following email address:

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