In direction of nurturing close cooperation with the business sector in the Republic of Macedonia, Rector of International Balkan University, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu on Tuesday, 14th March 2017 visited Halkbank AD Skopje and Turkish Airlines Skopje Office, two respectable companies in the Macedonian market. In the first meeting, he met the Acting Chief Executive Director of Halkbank, Mr. Turhan Ademi and Executive Director, Mrs. Buket Gereçci, with whom he shared the pleasure of the fruitful and continuous cooperation between the two subjects so far. During the day, Rector Kocayusufoglu also visited the General Manager of Turkish Airlines Skopje Office, Mrs. Pinar Ayvaz Arikan, with whom he discussed the possibility of cooperation for the forthcoming two international conferences organized by IBU in May 2017.

During the meetings with the heads of these companies, Rector Kocayusufoglu emphasized the importance of the cooperation between the university and the business sector, in the meaning that university should provide qualified and skillful labour to the market, whereas companies are responsible to provide internship, practical trainings and jobs to the students during their studies and after their graduation.