Public Relations students, in cooperation with their professors and the IBU Student Council, organized the ‘Dare and Share’ social event at IBU on Wednesday, 24 December 2014. The event included presentation of the short documentary entitled ‘Dare and Share your IBU Story’, presentation of traditional food from different cultures, as well as charity fundraising for people in need.

The audience was addressed by the Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. Şinasi Gündüz, who congratulated the students for the idea and the realization of the event and ensured support for this kind of events in the future.

Prof. Emilija Stoimenova-Canevska and Asst. Radmila Zivanovic who worked with students on this project shared their words of praise for the creativity and diligence of their students.

‘Dare and Share your IBU Story’ team stated that it will continue with activities in the future.

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