On 8 October 2014 (Wednesday), the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Numan Kurtulmuş visited the International Balkan University.  He delivered a conference in front of an audience including governmental representatives and parliamentarians from Macedonia and Turkey, academicians, intellectuals, professors and students. The Conference was held at the M6 Educational Centre in Skopje.

Welcome speeches were held by the IBU Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoğlu and University Executive Board President, Mr. Hüseyin Bürge. They expressed their gratitude and acknowledgment to Dr. Kurtulmuş for his consistent support and contribution since the foundation of IBU.

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In his speech, Prof. Dr. Numan Kurtulmuş shared his views on the global politics, the economic concepts of the modern time, as well as the social values that should prevail in a world of cohabitation and collaboration between different nations, cultures and religions.On the other hand, he underlined the importance of providing qualitative education for the new generations and in this regard, he congratulated the International Balkan University for the achieved success of being a cultural bridge between Macedonia and Turkey by gathering students from all countries of the Balkan region and Turkey in a shared multinational and multicultural educational environment. Dr. Kurtulmuş stated that IBU will continue to rise as a significant educational center in the Balkans region, particularly at a time when a whole new university campus is being built in the heart of Balkans, in Skopje.