The seeds sown into the brotherhood are bearing its fruits in the 10th Year…

Our ancestors, under the roof of the Great Ottoman Empire, with the immense compassion and foundation approach for centuries, particularly in the Balkans, and in every corner of the world, has built numerous valuable works of education, art and culture and has also built bridges of peace. Namely, the foundations of friendship were laid in this spirit of brotherhood, which has been ongoing for more than 500 years in the Balkans.

Today, as the Republic of Turkey, through the horizon of devotion, which is one of the great heritages left from our ancestors, we are happy to sign numerous investments and services in the Balkans. To us, Skopje has the same preciousness as Istanbul has, how Edirne matters to us is similar to how Sarajevo matters. In other words, we cannot differentiate between the importance of Bursa and that of other Balkan cities, such as Thessalonica, Sofia, and Pristina. Besides education and culture, The Republic of Turkey has always stood by its brother countries with its investments in all areas.

Accordingly, the Skopje Education and Culture Foundation has been established with this approach. In addition, our International Balkan University (IBU), has been active since 2006 in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, bringing young people from different countries of the Balkans and Turkey together like colorful flowers in a vase. On the occasion of a common education approach, it is also building bridges of mutual brotherhood between Turkey and the Balkan countries.

Our university as the fellowship of the bridge, through 10 years has become a major brand in the Balkans with achievements in the field of education and in this regard has been a great honor for us. According to the Shanghai University Ranking Criteria in 2012, it was selected as the best private university in Macedonia. With all this success, to provide a better quality and more modern educational facilities to our students, the construction works have started in order to raise the leaders of tomorrow. Our new complex will begin serving our students from the 20162017 academic year.

International Balkan University in its 10th year Founding Anniversary, gave us the unique pleasure in the field of educating our youth, and making them contribute to peace and brotherhood. Hence, endless thanks to mainly the benefactors, then to the members of the board of International Balkan University, which is owned by Skopje Education and Culture Foundation Board of Trustees. Many thanks to our rectors and academicians, as well as university employees and to our precious students who had infinite contributions in making our dreams come true. I wish many other 10 years of success to International Balkan University in “Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow”

With all respect,

Hüseyin Bürge
President of IBU Excutive Board