Under the organization of the Secretariat for European Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the International Balkan University, ‘EU Stars’ debate with students was held on Friday, 8th April 2016 at M6 Educational Center. The event was honoured with the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia in charge of European Affairs, Dr. Arber Ademi. In his opening remarks, Deputy Prime Minister Ademi shared his satisfaction of being at IBU and sharing a great experience with students who are ready to address the challenges of today and give us their views and ideas about relevant topics in the world. On the other hand, IBU Rector, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu congratulated Deputy Prime Minister Ademi on his new duty and, on behalf of IBU, expressed his hope that under the leadership of Dr. Ademi, Macedonia will become a member of the European Union.

Students debated on the topic ‘Capitalism vs. Socialism’, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of these two concepts in front of a large audience that included academics, students and media.

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