Yesterday (8th of March 2016) at the premises of M6 Educational Center, more than 150 IBU students attended the lecture provided by Mr. Franck Nouyrigat, invited as a guest lecturer for the course Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Franck Nouyrigat is an experienced entrepreneur, world-widely known as a co-founder of Startup Weekend, Board Member at Up Global –Seattle and Founder of ReCorp.Co -New York, working as consultant for the World Bank, UNESCO, Coca Cola and Sprint.

During the interactive presentation. our students have had opportunity to get more information based on Mr. Nouyrihat’s own experience about all potential problems that young entrepreneurs are facing with and the ways how they might overcome them.

After the presentation, a group of students who expressed the interest to share their business ideas continued the discussion with Mr. Nouyrigat in the M6 lobby.


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