The famous writer and TV moderator from Turkey, Mr. Ömer Döngeloğlu delivered a guest lecture at the International Balkan University on Friday, 19th February 2016. In front of the IBU management, academic staff and students, Döngeloğlu concentrated his speech on the historic aspects of the humanity and the shared values of the civilizations in the modern world. He empasizhed the need for understanding the human sociology and philosophy as a precondition for peace, progress and cooperation between human beings of different nations, cultures, religions or races. His lecture left a very significant impression among the audience and in this regard, Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufоğlu еxpressed his gratitude to Mr. Döngeloğlu for his motivational lecture and particularly, his messages to the students as a young generation whose education is crucial for a brighter future of the humanity.

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