Opening Ceremony 2014The Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2014/2015 was held today at the IBU M6 Educational Centre. The Rector of IBU Prof. Dr. Şinasi Gündüz addressed the academic staff and the newly enrolled students and shared his wishes for a successful academic year.

The Welcome Speech by IBU Rector, Prof. Dr. Şinasi Gündüz

Dear colleagues,

Dear students and guests,

Welcome to the opening ceremony of the academic year 2014/2015. On my personal behalf and on behalf of the Rectorate and academic staff of the International Balkan University, I am honored to address you.
First of all, I would like to extend my sincere wishes for a successful and fruitful academic year for all of us and for our students in particular. Right at this moment, I reaffirm our commitment to be led by the outmost readiness to serve the mission and the true spirit of this university with full dedication and restless efforts in providing the best possible educational experiences and standards of modern time.

Dear friends,

Today, the International Balkan University is a fast-growing university in Macedonia. With numerous academic projects on one hand, such as the accreditation of 19 undergraduate and 6 postgraduate programmes, increasing conferences, seminars, field visits and internship opportunities for our students, and marvelous investments in the future of IBU such the new university campus that is being built in the locality of ‘Kasarna Ilinden’, the scholarship examinations that allow the very best students of the region enter the gates of IBU, it is modest to say that our horizons have changed and now they are widely open to a further development as an educational medium which gathers students from Macedonia, Turkey, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia Hersegovina, Bulgaria and other countries who are making a brave and smart decision and a secure investment in their career and prosperous future by joining the great family of IBU.

I would like to emphasize that International Balkan University is an international university in real sense. With its academic staff from Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, USA and other countries, and with its students from all Balkan countries, our university has a unique characteristic which provides the students a multicultural and multiethnic medium. If I add that IBU is also an English speaking, teaching and learning medium, then I can conclude that there is no other university more “international” than ours.

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Dear friends,

In this direction, I would like to convey my congratulations to you, our new students, who decided to experience the first day of your academic life right here at IBU. I assure you that you have made the right choice and all of us shall do our best to prove once again the epithet of being one of the top universities in the region and you, the students of IBU, will be our best legacy in achieving the noble vision of the founders and supporters of our university to establish and develop an international and multicultural educational medium which will gather the various cultures and nations from the Balkans and Turkey in one place – in the heart of the Balkans, in the beautiful city of Skopje.

I would like to underline that our academic staff is highly professional, with the best qualifications of modern education. It represents a mixture of great mentors and young successful scholars who, joining their vast experiences and new teaching methods and pedagogical approach make a staff which every other university would envy. In our professors, assistants and lecturers you will find people who are here to spread their knowledge to you, the younger generation, to provide extra support when you face difficulties and to share your happiness after each passed exam. Keep in mind that what makes this university exceptional is our commitment to determine the student as the focus of our activity and by applying the ‘open doors policy’ to serve the students’ requirements every hour, every day, year by year. Our service towards you does not end with your graduation. We shall safeguard you and follow your success as you rise to the top of the organizations or companies and lead them to new achievements. You will be the ones to lead just because it is here, at IBU, where you will learn leadership in its true sense. All this, because we educate the leaders of tomorrow!

Dear colleagues and students,

I am really happy to see that today throughout Balkan countries; the International Balkan University is more popular than before. The interest and relevance of our institution is increasing day by day. IBU is, for example, one of the few universities from Macedonia which have accreditation by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) of Turkey, and it is the only university from Macedonia taking part in ÖSYM system which allows students from Turkey to directly register at IBU with beneficiary conditions. IBU has also bilateral cooperation agreements with more than 40 universities which supply the students and academic staff the educational and research facilities of other universities, within the framework of exchange programs of Erasmus and Mevlana.

Just last Friday, I participated in the first meeting of the Balkan Universities Association. IBU is a founding member of this organization along with 34 other universities from the Balkan region and Turkey. In 10 days, we have the First International Student Congress gathering around 50 students from all over the world who come in Skopje to discuss crucial topics of economics and international relations.

Our activities won’t stop, we neither. Our path is long, but I invite you to share with us the vision that this path leads to. And, this vision is brighter every day – the International Balkan University with quality education and high standards of academic research will become the best university in the region. I am absolutely sure that as a family of IBU we will succeed this together.
In the end, allow me to once again wish you, our academic and administrative staff and students and their families, good health and great success.

May God’s blessings be upon you all along the way!

Good luck!

Prof. Dr. Şinasi Gündüz