To the attention of all students in first cycle of studies: Spring Semester registration will be open from 26 January to 6 February 2015. Late Semester Registration will be made between 9-13 February 2015. In the table below you can find advisors who will help you register the appropriate courses in the Spring Semester.


1 year International Economic Relations (IER), Management (MAN), Business Administration (BA), Asst. Prof. Dr. Bejtulla Demiri
1 year Industrial Engineering (IE), Computer Engineering (CE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EE), Civil Engineering (CIV), Architecture (ARCH) Asst. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Anastasovski
1 year Public Relations (PR), Graphic Design (GD), Visual Art (VA), Political Sciences (POL), Religious Studies (RELG), Psychology (PSY), Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG), History (HIST), English Language Teaching (ENG), Turkish Language Teaching (TUR) Asst. Sezen Ismail
2, 3, 4 year International Economic Relations (IER) Asst. Prof. Dr. Julijana Angelovska / Asst. Prof. Dr. SedatMahmudi
2, 3, 4 year Management in Public Relations (MPA) Asst. Dr. Mevludin Ibish
2, 3, 4 year Industrial Engineering (IE) Asst. Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Porjazoska Kujundziski
2, 3, 4 year Information Technology (IT) Asst. Delco Leskovski
2, 3, 4 year Graphic Design (GD) Asst. Prof. SrdzanMikic
2 year Public Relations (PR) Asst. Radmila Zivanovik
3, 4 year Public Relations (PR) Asst. Prof. Dr. SenerBilali
2 year English Language and American Studies (ELAS) Asst. Prof. Dr. Isa Spahiu
3, 4 year English Language and American Studies (ELAS) Asst. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Shultz