The event ‘The Success Story of Ajdovan Ademoski’ organized by the International Balkan University was held on Tuesday, 15th December 2015 at the M6 Educational Center in Skopje.

The Rector of the International Balkan University, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu in his welcome speech addressed the key features of the personality of Ajdovan Ademoski that mark his success and achievements. “Are you looking for a real friend, for an honest and trusty person? Do you need someone who understands charity and humanity the best? The answer to all these questions is one – Ajdovan Ademoski. Mr. Ademoski is a man of value, respect and success. Since the first I came to this country, I had the chance to hear the same story about Mr. Ademovski and his dedication to this birthplace and to the youngsters of the country, I heard words that touch the heart of every person:  at least one block of every school, hospital, religious object built in his birthplace in the city of Prilep has the handprints of Ajdovan Ademoski. Hundreds of youngsters working in his companies have felt at least once in their lives what humanity is, and they have felt it from the deeds of Ajdovan Ademoski. He is the living ‘stone bridge’ between Macedonia and Turkey”.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Skopje, H.E. Ömür Şölendil in his speech emphasized the role of Mr. Ademoski in establishing close relations between Turkey and Macedonia in the field of economy and commerce. “Ademoski is a person who shines with brotherhood, honesty and hard work. He has been a crucial person in strengthening the economic ties between Turkey and Macedonia, that is why he is today the Honorary Consul of Turkey in Macedonia. We have an excellent cooperation with Mr. Ademoski and he is a person whose story of success should serve as a model for the younger generation.”

A short movie explaining the past and the business life of Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski was the surprise of the day for him as it was presented to the audience.

In his address to the audience, Mr. Ademoski shared his values and principles which have led him in his life and brought him to the stage where he is today. “I tell you to believe in your dreams and be self-confident, hard-working and insist on your success. There is no project that can remain unrealized if you have the deep belief and the honest dedication to that. Besides your theoretical education which I consider outstandingly qualitative here at the IBU, I urge you to go after the practical work, to come on the field and see how business works. This is why I and my team are here – to detect the best among you and offer them opportunities to prosper in life.” He thanked the Rector of IBU, the Management, the guests, academics and students for their contribution in making this day one of the most special in his life.

In the second part of the event, the HR team of Mr. Ademoski got into direct contact with students who showed interest to present their CVs and eventually get internship or job opportunities at the City Plaza Holding, the company running several companies of Mr. Ademoski.

The event was honoured with the presence of the Ambassador of Turkey, H.E. Ömür Şölendil, Director of Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Samsakçı, President of MATTO, Mr. Eyup Tuna Kahveci, CED of Halkbank Skopje, Mr. Necdet Palakçı, CEO of Ramstore Macedonia, Mr. Ahyan Uzun, Vice President of the IBU Executive Board, Mr. Kenan Mazlami, members of the “ÜSKÜP” Foundation, representatives of the business sector, NGOs, media, etc.



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