Heeeeeey, it’s party time at IBU!

Time4Fun – time where talents create fun

Time4Fun is a social event for students with an aim to provide them with a time where they will have fun by showing and performing ones talents. This event is the first event of the student campaign IBU Talents with which IBU is celebrating its 10 anniversary with its students by discovering and promoting their talents.

Time4Fun will happen on Wednesday, 23th of December, 2015, from 13:00-14:30, in the premises of IBU Balkan Cafe (Avtokomanda canteen). The program of the event will be created by you, the students, and your incredible performances. This event will be also used to introduce you more closer with the promotion of the upcoming social and cultural activities of IBU and the newly established Social and Cultural Affairs Office at IBU.

Time4Fun welcomes any kind of multimedia performance. If you are interested in performing as part of this event of talents, individually or as a group, APPLY NOW!

The application for Time4Fun Social Event is done by sending an email at: sca@ibu.edu.mk, including a short description of the performance, the members, the duration of the performance and the needs for technical support. You are welcomed to apply until Tuesday at midnight.

Organizer of this event is Social and Cultural Affairs Office (SCA Office), a new IBU unit dedicated to promoting positive cultural communication and exchange and enhancing social engagement of the students of International Balkan University.

It’s time to have fun at IBU!