Murat AYTAŞ-Serhat KOCA


Increasing the motivation of the employees and job satisfaction is one of the major objectives of the modern organizations in terms of increasing the corporate effectiveness and productivity. Accordingly, the relationships between job satisfaction and communication satisfaction has been studied by the researchers as an important study field since 1970’s. In the studies which have been conducted so far, the relationships between job, communication satisfaction and the organizational variants such as productivity, motivation of employees, corporate belonging, and organizational loyalty was revealed in various dimensions. Today, the organizational communication satisfaction consists an important dimension of the development of the relationships between the administration and employees as a necessity of human-based administrative mentality in the enterprises. The quality of communication between administration and employees and the communication satisfaction which will be provided by this quality are determinant factors in establishing the trust environment in the enterprises and increasing the productivity of the employees. This study consists of three chapters such as introduction and conceptual framework, methodology and findings and suggestions. In the study, the significance and functions of organizational communication for organizations, the organizational communication satisfaction and its dimensions were analyzed through the sampling of MVD İnan Machinery which is one of the SME’s (Small and Medium Scaled Enterprises) located in Konya by implementing a questionnaire technique on 107 people. In the results of the study, it was found that the dimensions with lowest levels of correlation between the general communication satisfaction and them (communication with juniors, inter-departmental communication and board level communication) are in the group of relational dimension while the dimensions with highest dimensions (communication with seniors and communication climate and feedback) are in the group of information-based relational dimension. In the study, a negative significant relationship was revealed between the level of income and communication satisfaction and again between income levels and organizational consolidation.