In the literature, there is still a lack of a detailed study of the concept of academic learning and, therefore, a detailed study of the human being, although it has been suggested that the human brain functions through meaningful concepts. For this reason, the aim of this study will be discussed with the stages of academic learning problem, create a different perspective than the usual perception and meaning of academic learning problem in the human mind. The stages of the examination of this subject, which is often referred to as a process, will be pointed out, indicating what academic learning actually is and what kind of anatomy it has. The main aim of the study, which will be examined through the stages of academic learning, is to consider whether the factors contributing to this question are the elements that will lead to a solution to the problem by discussing the problem of learning.

Is learning just an end process? The answer to this question will be sought to approach learning as a whole. Learning-object will be mentioned because it is an agent and an object. The scope of learning will be further expanded and it will be emphasized by a perpetrator that there is more to the learning-object than the process of execution. In addition, today, the status of the learning phenomenon in the perception of people will be shown in a panoramic manner, and the factors that may be overlooked during learning activity but which can be brought to the desired levels will be emphasized.

In addition, it was found that the first step of learning within the framework of the objectives of the study was interpreted and that the meaning of meaningfulness was the desire of learning. It has been pointed out that learning is a skill because of the necessity of emergence as behaviour in the learner’s life. Although it has not yet been fully understood, it has been learned that learning is a function of the brain and that the brain actually learns outside or in spite of our will.

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