-Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences Journal first was published in 2006.

e-ISSN: 2667-5609.

Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences Journal is an e-journal where academic, scientific and research-based articles are published.

Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences Journal has guest editing system. With this system special files for different academic spheres  were created and a scientific and academically qualified subject-limited literature was generated.

Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences Journal

– Education Management,

– Education economics and planning,

– Education law,

– Training programs and teaching,

– Curriculum development in education,

– Comparative education,

– Lifelong learning and adult education, public education,

– Educational psychology,

– Guidance and psychological counseling,

– Social, historical and philosophical foundations of education,

– Special education,

– Fine arts education,

– Measurement and evaluation in education,

– Computer and instructional technology education,

– A journal published in the areas of teacher education.

-The literary language of articles, primarily is Turkey Turkish, including all Turkish dialects, Russian, English, German, French, Italian and also Arabic.-Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences has become the central point in the field of educational sciences and at the same time is the source of  outstanding literature productivity.

Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences is in touch  with over 30 institutes worldwide. They have representatives for each country.

Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences has not only achieved academic publishing, but has also enhanced one of the world’s most important journal software systems for eight years in the field of academic e-journals. In addition to non-user-friendly and highly complex systems such as OAS, it has developed an alternative software and presented it to the service of our country and humanity without any expectation. Nowadays, over 50 academic journals use this system that we have promoted.

-Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences due to Open Journal System is scanned by many database and index systems, and has become the purchaser of  DOI numbers for the articles for the first time in Turkey. As a renowned journal Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences has become a internationally prevalent platform. Turkish Studies-Educational Sciences magazine has achieved all of the objectives it has set in 2006 and continues to pursue these goals.