Melahat ÇEVİK


A study on thefunctionality of a multidimensionalmaterialused in stagedesign has beenconducted. Itwillprovidematerialdominanceespeciallyforscienceand art working on stagedesignpractice. Stagedesign; Itcovers a multi-conceptartisticandscientificfield. It can be used in thisareaaccordingtothematerialrequirementor it can be usedbyconverting. Eachmaterial is used in thedesign of thestageforthepurposeandalternative. Fabricsarethemostwidelyusedmaterial in thestagingprocess, thereason is theversatilearea of useandtheappropriatealternativetoanybudget. As is known, it is common in everyday life thatfabricsareused in clothingandtextileproducts. On thestage, weseethefabriccompletelydifferentwithartisticandtechnicalworks. Depending on theversatility of thefabric, a variety of fabricsareexperimented on. Here is theuse of fabric in stagedesign; Inadditiontoclothing, makeup, mask, it is used in almosteveryarea. Althoughthefabricsareeasilyaccessible in the market, it should not be forgottenthattheyareformedthrough a technicalandartisticprocess.

Thefabric; pattern, color, texture, dimensions; determinestheusagediversity of thematerial. Theprocessing time, flexibility, workabilityanddurability of thefabricareimportant. Inadditiontoallthesefeatureswhenused as a costume; When it is exposedtothe spot lightsandthetemperature of thespace on thestage, it has to be met certaincriteriaforhealth, primarilythebreathing of thefabric.

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