Simge Deniz DEMİREL


The fact that environmental problems that are observed globally and have a negative impact on the lives of all living creatures in the era we are living in have been increasing gradually requires the subject of environment to be examined by different fields of science. How social awareness related to environmental problems will be created and what will be done for the solution of environmental problems increases the number and variety of studies in the field of social sciences. In order to find a solution and take precautions for the increasing environmental problems and environmental degradation, studies that are carried out within science of communication and media studies under the umbrella of social sciences will be evaluated. As a main sub-field of environmental communication, environmental journalism enables environmental news to be created properly and levelly to create awareness by journalists. Today, we come across news on environmental issues more often and these news remain insufficient to increase participation in the solution to environmental problems, to ensure critical thinking and to mold public opinion because of the insufficiency of specialization in the related field. In this regard, the aim of this study is to investigate the environmental news on international media with content analysis, identify the deficiencies in this direction and develop suggestions for the development of the field. General evaluation related to environmental news on print media in Turkey will be made and within the context of deficiencies and suggestions, the things that need to be done for the development of environmental journalism will be examined in the study.