Erol DURAN – Şeyma ÖZDİL


This study aims to determine the contribution of WINDOW technique developed by Asaro-Saddler, Muir-Knox and Meredith (2018) to fourth grade students in text summarization skills. WINDOW technique is a summary technique of writing the main idea, defining important information, listing case-facts and ideas, creating sentences, editing sentences using passing words, writing the last words. Developed for high school students with special needs, this technique has been designed to serve students’ grade levels and the purpose of the research. In the research, the action research design was used and two study groups were included. The first study group consisted of 24 students who study in the fourth grade of a primary school in Uşak province and were determined by the easy-to-use sampling method. The second study group consisted of 10 students selected from the first study group by using layered sampling technique, taking into account of the level of summarization skills. Data were collected by means of quantitative and qualitative data collection tools. The data were collected through narrative texts, student products (sumary texts), semi-structured interview form and researcher’s diary. In the analysis of the data collected for the first and second sub-purpose, the associated samples t test was used. The data obtained for the third and fourth sub-purpose were analyzed by descriptive analysis technique. At the end of the study, it was concluded that WINDOW technique was effective in developing students’ summarization skills.


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