It is thought that animated fairy tale books will help children to develop easier communication with their environment by improving their cognitive abilities in a positive way, enriching creative imagination and creating a love of books. The main aim of the study is to prepare a sample fairy tale book by examining the illustration design features of animated books thought to be so important for child development. This work; in terms of the problem and the illustration of elements of Turkish culture in hosting a theme, by an expert for preschool children in terms of being one of the first movable books were written in Turkey is thought to be important. In the research, between the years 2011-2017, seven different animated story books were purchased and published for the preschool children. Six of the identified animated fairy tale books are foreign books which are purchased by domestic publishing houses and are translated into Turkish. The seventh book, prepared in every stage of Turkey and the Turkish hosts in their native cultural elements were included in the study as animated tale book. The analysis of seven movable fairy tales, which are thought to be well designed or have design problems in terms of illustration and animated parts, are included in the study considering that they can add a significant dimension to the research. In relation to the thesis topic; domestic and foreign printed three-dimensional story books, magazines, articles, domestic and international dissertations, papers, books and data were obtained by using the internet resources.

In the study, the construction and design characteristics of animated storybook illustration with a rich history abroad are examined, which does not show much development in Turkey. As a result of this study, a three-dimensional and mobile tale book was prepared. The feasibility of the internal and external design features of the animated and 3D story book designed by the researcher was determined by the expert evaluation form which was developed by the researcher taking into consideration the specific criteria. In this context, two Graphic Design field experts were asked to refer to the ideas of the designed interior design of the fairy tale book “theme, subject, heroes, plan and style” and in terms of the external structure characteristics “book size, page layout, letters, illustrations and cover (paper, skin)” in terms of a suitable, appropriate and completely appropriate. The results of the evaluation by the field experts showed that the design of the animated and 3-dimensional tale book is in accordance with the level of pre-school children’s graphic design and gives reliable results in terms of design. Animated fairy tale books were determined with the help of the findings that it would contribute positively to both cognitive and physical development of preschool children and also to be an interactive material ideal for education and training.