Kahramankazan is situated at the upper Sakarya part of Inner Anatolia region. The town neighbours to Çubuk at the east, Ayaş at the west, Kızılcahamam at the north, and Yenmahalle and Sincan at the south.

The establishment date of the town, which is situated on the Mürted Plain on western Ankara, is unknown. Though, researches and archaeological excavations have shown that the town was an antique settlement which have held several different civilizations. The first Ottoman period recordings of the town, which has a history going back to Bornze Age, dates to AD 1463.

We were able to find 24 fountains with our study that we have done in neighborhoods and villages of the Kahramankazan district. Four of the buildings we will be introducing here were built as dependent to some structure, while the rest were built independently. Materials used in these structures which are generally rectangular, are cut stone, rubble stone and marble. The façades of the three fountains are enlivened with superficial arches, while the façade of twenty one fountains are kept flat. Ornaments are very rare in these simple structures. There are examples of geometric, vegetal, object and figurative ornaments.