Developments in information technologies are important in terms of evaluating the data in short, medium and long term. An information pool with a computer database was created with the technological developments and the conveniences it provided, and it helped the managers to evaluate this information in order to make a decision. The decision support systems have also benefited from the decision-making process in order to analyze and evaluate the unplanned machine stand information in the enterprise Businesses encounter a number of problems while performing their production activities and one of the most important is machine stops. Postures occur as planned/unplanned machine downtimes and unplanned machine downtimes affect the efficiency of the enterprise. Unplanned machine stoppages, such as machine failure, loss of transportation, material deficiency, the operator can be listed as many postures such as. Unplanned machine stoppages are one of the problems that affect the efficiency of the enterprise. Problems such as machine maintenance, operator, material sourced in time do not cause serious loss of productivity. The efficiency losses caused by unplanned machine downtimes can be analyzed by decision support systems and they can provide information to enable managers to make decisions. In this study, the effects of loss of production due to unplanned machine downtimes on the efficiency of the enterprise were investigated by using the information-based Microsoft Excel decision support system. For the research, a textile company operating in the 1st organized industrial zone was selected in Malatya province. In June 2017, the unplanned machine posture losses of the company were examined with the help of the decision support systems and the loss of efficiency was calculated. In the following periods, information was shared with the managers in the absence and reduction of these losses.

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