Oguzs with other names Turkmens, who were in the history scene for many years by establishing independent states and sometimes living independently, in the Middle Asia, Iran, Anatolia, Africa and the Balkans, the first written documents of the Yenisey and Orkhun inscriptions, we can follow the assets of an important Turkish clans. While Kök Turkish inscriptions are witnessed to the existence of this clan, we come across the language features in the monumental work of Kâşgarlı Mahmud. Many different ideas have been put forward by Turkish and foreign scientists about the origins of this great Turkish tribe, who established important states for Turkish and world history, and sometimes referred to in both Chinese and Persian, Arab and Byzantine sources, sometimes with hostility and hatred. Some researchers ethnically connects the name Oguz to the word “ok”, while some researchers pointed out the z / r change in Turkish dialects and mentioned the equivalence of oguz / ogur. In some articles published in recent years, it has been suggested that Oguz name is related to ox used as animal name.

In our article, after briefly mentioning the history of Oguzs, the views put forward on the origin of the name of Oguz will be included and then the data obtained by scanning from historical texts will be transferred starting from the first Turkish texts in which the name Oguz is seen. The places where this name is used in Anatolian dialects, their meanings and the reasons of giving this name will be emphasized.

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