The human profile required by today’s world must be equipped with the qualities that can keep up with the rapid change and the world life in development. Therefore, the role of schools; In addition to academic development, it is indispensable in educating successful and happy generations with the qualities that can meet the needs of the age in the life of the individual. In this context, school guidance services are also very important as well as all units in schools. This importance requires that Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) services in schools be effective and qualified. In the education system, the evaluation of the guidance service which is of such importance in the school life is important for the development of these units and for making the necessary arrangements. In this study, it is aimed to determine the perceptions of secondary school students about the guidance course in school programs. In 2016-2017 academic year, 2789 students were enrolled in 11 high schools in the Western Black Sea Region. Guidance Course Perception Scale (GCPS) developed by the researchers was used as data collection tool. In the study, the data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean and one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) methods. At the end of the study, it was concluded that the overall mean of the answers given by the students to the scale items was equal to the “undecided” interval. In addition, the perceptions of the students towards the guidance course changed according to gender, school type, grade level, parents’ income and education level. On the other hand, considering the issues that the students do not have a positive perception, the necessary correction and improvements in the guidance courses in the future are also presented in the study.