-Turkish Studies-Language-Literature Journal, as an academic publication, it is published according to definite rules and publishing policy is applied within the framework of these rudiments. The publishing policy of Turkish Studies-Language-Literature Journal, is as following:


-Turkish Studies-Language-Literature Journal is an international refereed journal published in every three months annually (March, June, September and December) except for special issues.


-Submitted articles uploaded via article tracking system are considered as an application for publication. Preemptively, the articles to be published in the journal should be original and academic studies prepared using appropriate research methods in their fields. In addition, translations, book reviews, criticisms and evaluations that contribute to the scientific field are also accepted.

– Studies submitted to the journal should not be published or sent for publication elsewhere.

– Articles being submitted for publication are examined primarily in terms of form. Articles that do not comply with the principles of publication and writing, will be returned to the author for any necessary corrections without being subject to content review.


-Literary language; As well as Turkey Turkish, if necessary texts in other languages such as Turkish dialects, English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Arabic can be given allowance.


-Articles submitted to the journal for publication after the preliminary examination will be sent to the referees with relevant expertise. With two positive referee reports, it is decided to publish the article and the owner will be notified about the number of the issue where the article will be published. In case two referees give negative opinions, the article will not published. When positive and negative referee reports are present for the same article, the decision on the article is given by the Editorial Board, taking into account the content of the reports.

– If in the referee reports of the articles which are decided to be published, exist the indication “can be published after corrections“ the article will be returned to the author for the necessary revisions.

-The decision shall be made within three months at the latest and the owner shall be informed about the publication of the articles sent to the journal.

– The names of the referees are listed in the relevant issue of the journal.

– Maximum one article  of the same author (copyright or translation) may be published in same issue.

The process of the article is described in details as  below:

-The article to be uploaded to the article tracking system in the beginning has to be consisted of at least 200 words abstract in Turkish and English language,3-5 key words;Turkish and English title included.

After the paper is accepted for publishing in post abstract section under the Structured Abstract should be added English abstract composed of at least 750 words. This is important for your article to be able to receive citation abroad. Your findings in the center of the subject other than the introduction to the structured statement should be taken as well as your inferences in the conclusion part.

– The title of the article should not include information such as the name of the author, the title, the institution and  e-mail address. This information will be added to the manuscript by the editor after the manuscript will pass the referee evaluation process, as it is already visible to the system admin. Therefore, when the manuscripts are entered into the system, they should be reviewed and made sure that no information belonging to the author is included in the article. This issue is important in terms of allowing the referees to review the article more easily.

-The article should be submitted through “Journal Entry System“ at  where they can log in with their personal e –mail address and password. The article should be uploaded to the system by the first author in multiple author articles, other authors should be added to the “other authors” section on the system. After the article is added to the system, the referee process must be followed from the same page. After this stage, in order to make corrections all referee reports should be received. Afterwards all reports are received, corrections should be made by the author him/herself and should be uploaded to other referees pages who want to have a sight of correction.

First of all, a referee process of your article in   Turkish Studies-Language-Literature Journal will start. For this reason, digital print, graphic design, introduction to international indexes, purchase of DOI numbers of the articles in the journal will be in progress by İNTAÇ EĞİTİM DAN. ORG. ARAŞ. LTD. ŞTİ. For a certain fee. There is no claim for academic fee in our journal. Design, publication, DOI and index costs of the articles that have passed through the referees’ process and which are decided to be published in the journal, are paid directly to the publishing house İNTAÇ EĞİTİM DAN. ORG. ARAŞ. LTD. For this reason, not paying the required fee the process of articles does not begin. Charges of articles that cannot complete the referee process and due to this reason will not be published and  after VAT + income tax is deducted the residual percentage will be returned to the author. Enter the name of the company in the Account Holder. In addition,the direct payments made from the ATM  the name of the article owner should be written clearly. After performing this step, the process of your article will begin.

– The referees of the study are written in the article after the referees process of the journal is completed, which is a method applied in many international journals such as Thomsen-Reuters group, Scopus and other  indexes. In this context; your article is proved to pass through the referee process. However, the scientific approach is shared with the referee and the author.