-Articles submitted to the journal firstly, are reviewed according to the rules of publishing and writing , also the referees process is initiated for the studies that meet the stated requirements.

– Two – sided blind – refereeing system is implemented. Referee and the author (s) are unaware of the identity of each other. However, at the end of the publishing process, the names of academicians who refereed to article are written.

-Articles according to their field and type 5,4,3 with the implicit approval of editor are addressed to the referees. In this process, according to the multiplicity of positive and negative provisions is decided if is going to be published or not. Unpublished article is archived in the journal system.

-The referee process is completed within 1-2 months. In the article, the author is obliged to rearrange his work in accordance with the scientific ethics and rules, in line with the corrections of the referee / referees and add them to the system. Articles with no correction are saved in the archive and will not be published.

-The ratio reports from plagiarism detection programs  such as  Ithenticate / Turnitin / etc. should not exceed 20%. Additionally, in case of plagiarism is detected as a result of these scans, the article will not published and will be rejected.

-For academic studies, editors, editorial aid, board members are not charged for fees, but for the technical and design procedures of the articles, the related company requires a fee of 485 TL/75 euro.

-Scientists who submit papers to our journal acquiesce in the claim that no ethical violations or similar situations have occurred.