Veli Erdinç ÖREN- Tuba ŞAHİN ÖREN


In the world where tourism is developing rapidly, people travel more and are now turning to alternative tourism activities according to the conditions of the present day. In this context, it is observed that, in line with the socio-economic developments of the societies, there is a tendency towards alternative tourism types and local products in preference for travel. It is important that enrichment, correct presentation and marketing of local products for sustainability of tourism in our country which is prominent with its natural and cultural values. Food culture considered by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage can also be considered as a tool for destination marketing within sustainable tourism. Today, societies preserve their own culture by using sustainable tourism and geographical marking. In this context, each region of our country, which has a rich source, has its own unique values. Therefore Ulubey Ebem Köftesi is emphasized on many values of Uşak Province and it is aimed to emphasize the importance of regional values as a sustainable destination marketing tool. For this purpose, conceptual literature survey was conducted and secondary data were used. As a result, Ulubey Ebem Köftesi is considered to be a convenient tool for sustainable tourism destination marketing. The Ulubey Ebem Köftesi example will provide a significant advantage in the competition of destinations to ensure the sustainability of preserving the authenticity of local food. In this context, the presentation of the local foods of our country which is very rich in terms of food and beverage to a certain standard will contribute to national and international promotion and marketing of our country’s tourism.