Articles sent to our journal  should not be  already published  elsewhere. The publication of the papers in the format of the proceedings of the symposium which are not in the form of a book is only possible in case this is stated.

– Articles must be sent in the format specified below. Articles not entered in the system in this format will not be evaluated.


-Articles should be written in Microsoft Word and their page structure should be arranged as following:

Page Size A4 Portrait
Top Margin 2,5 cm
Bottom Margin 2,5 cm
Left Margin 3 cm
Right Margin 2,5 cm
Font Type Times News Roman
Font Type Style Normal
Normal text 11
Footnote text 9
Tabel ,charts 10
Paragraph spacing First 6 nk, then 0 nk (Table and charts before and after 0 nk)
Line spacing Single(1)

-If a special font is used in this case the font used should be sent together with the text.

-The pages should not include details such as page number, header and footer.

-The headings in the document must be bold, only the first letter of each word must be a capital, aligned with the paragraph indent, and no other formatting should be included.

-With regard to  reference and punctuation should be based on the Spelling Manual of the Turkish Language Institute, except in special cases required by the article or subject.

APA should be used as a citation system. The bibliography must be present at the end of the article.