Yunus Emre YÜKSEL- Mehmet Tamer KAYA


This study aims to investigate the environmental attitudes of Elementary Science pre-service teachers and Social Studies pre-service teachers in terms of some variables. These variables are gender, departments of pre-service teachers, educational status of pre-service teachers’ mothers and fathers. Descriptive survey design of quantitative research approaches has been used in this study. The study population consists of 82 volunteer pre-service teachers from Education Faculty, AfyonKocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar. The study data has been collected by using “Attitude scale toward environmental problems” developed by (Şama, 2003). In order to evaluate the findings, arithmetic mean, t test and Kruskall Wallis test are performed. The results of the study indicate that environmental attitudes of pre-service teachers participated in this study are in desired level. In addition, according to findings environmental attitude scores of male participants are higher than female participants however there is not any statistically meaningful difference between them. Also, a meaningful difference between departments of pre-service teachers which are elementary science education and social studies education could not be found. Moreover, when analyzed the effect of educational status of parents of pre-service teachers, there could not be found any meaningful difference among them. At the end of the study, some suggestions are presented in accordance with the results of the study.

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