This is a public call for all interested 4th year students to attend an intensive 4-day workshop on academic writing!

Topic: “Issues in academic writing”

Hosted by ELT department staff

Main aims:
* to introduce students to different issues of academic writing;
* to provide information and steps in choosing a diploma thesis topic;
* to discuss issues of research questions and hypothesis and topics;
* to enhance critical thinking skills
* to introduce paraphrasing, quoting, referencing and citing etc.
* to make students aware of PLAGIARISM and its’ consequences etc.

The call is open from 13th February (Monday) to 17th February (Friday).
The right to register have ALL 4th year students of IBU, regardless of their field and department of study.

Contact Person: Asst. Emin Idrizi (Office: 411)

Further information will be provided during registration.