The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd International Student Congress IBUISC’16 was held on Thursday, 29th September 2016 in Skopje. 50 students from 25 different countries from all around the world will discuss on the topic of the congress “Contemporary leadership – challenges and opportunities” and present their research, ideas and knowledge. This great international audience of students was greeted by the IBU Rector, Prof. Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu, who thanked all participants for attending the Congress. He noted that IBUISC’16 proved that distance and differences are not an obstacle for these youngsters to come here and work together on important issues that raise attention in the whole world.

“Never forget to be together. We can do much more for the world which needs peace and cooperation now more than ever if we work as one. We might from different places, different ethnicities or religions, but when we come together in events like this Congress, we can find the best solutions to the problems of the world and do more for a better tomorrow. You are the leaders of tomorrow and I deeply believe in your success” was the message of the Rector Kocayusufoglu.

Keynote speaker of the IBUISC’16 was the Minister of State in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Furkan Çako, who shared his successful story with the international students.

“Stay loyal to your principles in order to address in the best way possible the challenges that you will face in your daily life. We hope that a better future for the new generations is possible, but it is our responsibility to invest the best of our knowledge in this goal. These youngsters are well-educated, enthusiastic and if they work together as they wil do here for the coming 2 days, the world can be a better place to live for all of us” said Minister Çako.

The IBUISC’16 is supported by the sponsors: Ataturk Cultural Center from Ankara, Turkey; Foundation for Education and Culture “ÜSKÜP” and TAV Airports-Macedonia.