The opening ceremony of the Calligraphy Exhibition entitled “Cities meet in Skopje” (in original: “Şehirler Üsküp’te”) was held in Cifte Amam National Art Gallery in Skopje on 16 November 2016. The exhibition was organized by Matüsiteb and Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Skopje, in partnership with International Balkan University.

Curator of the exhibition is Mahmut Enes Kemer, senior student of Graphic Design of International Balkan University, who through a three-month course of calligraphy transferred his talent to 18 students from Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Vice Rector, Asst. Prof. Dr. Shener Bilalli and Secretary General, Visar Ramadani participated at the exhibiton and conveyed their congratulations on the great work of Kemer and his calligraphy students, who presented their works in front of the audience.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until 20 November 2016.

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