On 25th of March 2016, in Madrasa “Mehmed Fatih”, female department in Rožaje, a conference on the topic “Ottoman empire” was held by Asst. Prof. Dr. Shener Bilalli, Dean of the Faculty of Communications at the International Balkan University, Skopje. Prof. Shener spoke generally on the topic of History of Ottomans and in a clear and very concise manner explained the meaning of the term Ottoman state, on both, Ottoman and modern Turkish language, emphasizing a clear distinction in meaning and behavior of Turkish imperial power for the benefit of all people which lived within its borders, no matter of their nationality and beliefs, and also other empires that were memorable for their seizure and its own enrichment at the expense of others. History of the Ottoman state and its own administration changed in different centuries and has experienced its biggest expansion in the time of Hazrat Mehmed Fatih, the liberator of Constantinople, today’s Istanbul.

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