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IBU Alumni Center is an association of IBU graduates or, more broadly, of former students of the IBU (alumni).

This remarkable community is the foundation of our global reputation, and we are committed to celebrating your success, enriching the value of your degree, and engaging you in the life of the University – at every stage of your career.



Serving and supporting the International Balkan University, its alumni and its students. Our goal is enabling and encouraging lifelong alumni relationships with the IBU.



IBU Alumni Center is a global community of alumni and friends committed to and sharing pride in the growth and support of the IBU as a premier institution. Our commitment and pride are demonstrated through active participation, leadership and financial support.

Alumni Center
IBU is the place I chose many years ago for my academic education, and today after looking back though all these years I can firmly confirm I made the right choice. It was my second home which encouraged me not only to be academically strong but also made me a better person in life. What makes this university unique is its diversity. Exactly that mixture of different cultures, behaviors, opinions and lifestyles is what gives it a perfect balance between international exposure and a homely atmosphere.
KRISTINA VELICKOVSKA What IBU means to my life…
An education by definition is "the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually and socially for mature life. When I first walk onto IBU building that first day, no one knew who I was or where I’ve been. To me IBU is a place that gave me the opportunity to further my education, it taught me responsibility and time management. IBU taught me to always have the desire to continue to learn, to improve myself and skills, to have a back-up plan, to create a rewarding and better future for myself, to find a rewarding job, and to be prepared in life. It’s also a place where I made new friends who will last a lifetime, it’s a place where I got introduced to a lot of different cultures. IBU gave me a higher chance of getting into the career that I wish to go into, by providing me with the skills, knowledge and the opportunity to work at IBU. IBU means to me to live a richer life, rich in terms of choices about what your life will be like.
SKOFIAR KAMBERI What IBU means to my life…
The feeling of being a student is one of the best phase experiencing in life, IBU made it possible for me to have that experience. During my studies I improved myself higher and higher based on an academic level, got to know a lot of people including myself as well and making me feel a bit more professional in the field I was doing my studies. Choosing IBU for further education by doing my master studies has definitely been a very good decision, I am still improving and feeling I need more of what IBU offers in the academic level.
ELMEDINA QAILI What IBU means to my life…
Choosing the right university is one of the most important things that people encounter throughout their lives, and for me, choosing International Balkan University was the best decision I have made so far. Since this was the second major for me, I had the chance to make a difference between the previous university and IBU. And I must say, at IBU it felt right and I felt like I have found the place where I belong. Studying at IBU helped me grow personally and expand my academic horizons. Moreover, studying and mingling with students from diverse cultures gave me the opportunity to enlarge my views on the world. IBU is the place where I gained life-long knowledge and made life-long friends, in the same time giving me the right tools to carve my path to success. IBU was a stepping stone to my future career and I would always be proud for being part of the IBU family.
TINA GEGOVSKA What IBU means to my life…
The starting period of university life I came only to test my luck if I could win. Suddenly I became luckier than ever and got accepted to the IBU after taking an exam with 100% of scholarship. I started university in a familiar environment but different faces that became good friends later. The best side during my studies was that I didn’t miss any opportunity nor activity. I participated almost every conference at home university or abroad , than work and study challenge and Erasmus internship programe and trainings that were lovely to me .I believe that I fulfilled my bachelor years with full of stories and experiences. I thought that my journey has been finished with that but that was not all, I had the opportunity to be a part of IBU family and work in the media center with people that I had a very good cooperation with. And the cherry on the top was the master studies that I find way more interesting than any stage of studies. Thank you IBU family.
MERVE SHEMOVA What IBU means to my life…