Human Rights Day is coming! On that occasion, the International Balkan University is organizing a student competition to mark the importance of respecting Human Rights. This contest would be a great opportunity for the students to use creativity and a modern understanding of Human Rights.

The major climate changes, the growth of air pollution, and lack of civic activism today constitute a serious risk for the future of the human race. Driven by the need for a healthy environment, this year`s topic of the Human Rights Day Competition will be the “The Right to a Healthy Environment as a Human Right”

All students are encouraged to participate with their own ideas as a solution to this significant issue. Your project shall be made in the form of essay, poster, video, painting or any other creative form is acceptable.

Where to apply?        
Submit your project to Asst. Betim Ameti at

Important dates

 Deadline for project submission: 6th of December, 2019.
 Public presentations of the projects and the awards ceremony will be on Human Rights
Day Ceremony on the 10th of December 2019.
 Announcement of the finalists on the 10th of December 2019.

The rules of application

 To apply, you must be a student at one of the IBU Faculties.
 You can apply solo or as a team.
 You need to submit a project, topic, video, presentation, logo or art project related to the
right to a healthy environment as a human right.

What items should be included in the content material

 Explanation of the problem. What motivates you to propose a solution to the problem?
 Describe a possible solution that could address or solve the problem.
 Explain how you implemented legal science to make a change.
 Demonstrate how your view can influence and motivate others to contribute to a clean
environment as a basic human right.

Reasons to apply

1. Out of standards, an entertaining way to show your innovative ideas.
2. New friendships.
3. Develop your writing and problem-solving skills.
4. Learning beyond the classroom walls.
5. This contest might help you to choose your future profession.
6. You will have a lot of fun.
7. Award certificates