On Thursday, 30th of April 2015, the students from 3rd year of study, study program Information Technology, have an opportunity to visit a unique company in the region and listen to clinical teaching provided by the Production Manager, Milan Stankovic, from the “HiTech” Company. The main product of the Company is various kinds of multilevel printed circuits boards which are used in medicine, automotive industry, satellite programs etc. with big clients like Bosh, Siemens, Continental and others.

In the introductory part, they understood the structure and technology this company is using maintaining its competitive position on the world market. The technology processes and quality assurance procedures were presented as well.

The company has automatic leaded factory lines controlled by microprocessors and microcontrollers which makes the company production with high efficiency.

The site visit was an opportunity for students to see the Designer department where with special software they are preparing the production of the circuits, than they saw real part of the factory lines where the PCBs are produced with all chemical processes needed for their production. Finally, the students have an opportunity to visit Testing department of the final product where they so different measurements controlled by the specific, proprietary, software for each different printed board

During the visit, the students have chance to ask questions and interactively to clarify some issues regarding the process control, quality assurance, as well as security issues

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