The students from the Faculty of Engineering visited Pivara & Coca-Cola Company, where they attend the lecture entitled: “Harassment at the workplace – mobbing”, delivered by Mrs. Lidija Grupceva, Legal Affairs Manager. The students were introduced to the term mobbing as a specific way of behavior of continuous harassment of the employee(s) by other employee(s) and/or their supervisor(s) / manager(s), the diverse techniques of mobbing, how to make the difference between activities at the workplace accounted as harassment and those which are not considered as harassment, they were familiarized to the usual personal characteristics of mobbers, the personality of victims, as well as the most common consequences of mobbing. Also, the students were informed about the Legislations in R.Macedonia regarding the harassment at the workplace, what are the experiences of the other countries, what is the procedure of reporting the mobbing to the competent person in a company, and what are the steps in the resolving the case by the both parties settlement or a civil court prosecution. The examples of the real cases were presented too.

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