On March 24th 2016, President of Scientific Society Akroasis, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmed L. MURIĆ and Rector of International Balkan University Prof. Dr. İsmail KOCAYUSUFOĞLU signed the Memorandum of Ageement by which International Balkan University became a member of Global Network for Socio-economic Research and Development (GNSRD).

GLOBAL NETWORK FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (GNSRD) with headquarters in Serbia was created in accordance with ideas underlying the Scientific Society Akroasis. Therefore, the main objective of the network is to share mission of the necessity and importance of studying long-term sustainable development of society.

Global Network for Socio-economic Research and Development represents an international scientific project initiated by the Scientific Society Akroasis Serbia and University of Johannesburg South Africa with the aim of global connecting of the academic and scientific institutions and civil societies into a community that shall offer to the world new – contemporary knowledge as a base for solving different issues of the society.

The strategy of GNSRD is based onto creation of continent’s centres that shall, depending of their possibilities, deals with researches based on concrete socio-economic issues. In its mission GNSRD will strive not only to offer support to researchers in their exchange of knowledge that should respond to the challenges of the contemporary society, but also to effectively coordinate interactions within the network which establishes.

In the long term GNSRD will strive to become a forum for dialogue between developed and developing countries and in this way enables equal debate and exchange of ideas, scientific achievements and joint scientific and research projects.