The traditional 3rd IBU Spring Festival was held on 27th April 2016 in the yard of the IBU premises in Avtokomanda. In a joyful and splendid atmosphere, students participated with their performances in music, dancing, poetry and other talents in front of hundreds of students and academic staff who attended the Festival. Moreover, rare arts such as calligraphy and ebru were presented by our students. In line with the motto of this year’s festival “Sharing is caring”, kermes with traditional food, cookies and drinks was offered for tasting to participants.

This day will remain in the memory of many IBUers for years. A day full of joy and enthusiasm, a day where our students, our academic and administrative staff of different nations, different religions and different cultures gathered in one place and sent a message to the world: We are one, we are together!  We thank everyone who participated at the ‪‎3rd IBU Spring Festival‬, particularly to the students who showed with their performances that IBU is a second home to countless talents.