The First Student Art Exhibition of the Faculty of Art and Design was opened for visitors on 21 April 2015 at Çifte Amam National Art Gallery in Skopje. The opening ceremony of the Exhibition was honoured with the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Skopje, H.E. Ömür Şölendil, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Behixhudin Shehapi, directors of TIKA Macedonia and Yunus Emre Institute-Turkish Cultural Center Skopje, representatives of the business and civil sector, etc. The Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. Şinasi Gündüz in the opening remarks briefly informed on the types of works present at the exhibition, as well as praised the knowledge, skills, techniques and excellent career opportunities that students at the Faculty of Art and Design get through a qualitative and modern education. He congratulated all students who participated with their works at the exhibition and the academic staff at the FAD for their restless support and engagement in preparing the exhibition. Ambassador Şölendil reaffirmed the importance of developing close relations between Turkey and Macedonia, particularly in the sphere of culture where both nations share historic, cultural and traditional heritage. State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Shehapi stated that the Ministry of Culture will continue to support events that bring the spirit of cooperation among different Balkan nations together and in this direction he thanked IBU for the contribution in strengthening the cultural ties between Turkey and Macedonia.

The exhibition includes around 200 student works of different techniques such as:

  • Drawings and paintings that are presenting different exercises as still life, geometric abstraction;
  • Photography with scenes from Skopje, how students perceive the objects through its camera,
  • Packaging of cosmetics and food products,
  • Typographic posters, drawings and images,
  • Publications and personal portfolios; etc.

The Exhibition will be open from 21 to 23 April in Çifte Amam National Art Gallery and then it will continue in other locations.



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