The International Balkan University, in cooperation with the Austrian Economics Center (AEC) organized the International Roundtable on Tuesday, 31st March 2015 in Skopje. In her opening speech, the Vice Rector of IBU, Asst. Prof. Dr. Snezana Bilic-Sotiroska welcomed the international guests from the AEC, Mr.  Gunther Fehlinger and Mr. Federico Fernandez and thanked them for their willingness to contribute to the implementation of this event.

In the first panel of the roundtable, the Director of the AEC, Dr. Barbara Kolm addressed the audience of professors and students through a Skype conference. She presented the portfolio of the AEC and addressed the issues of integration and regional cooperation.

In the second panel, Gunther Fehlinger MSc had a presentation on the topic ‘Tax, Economic Reforms, Economic Integration and meanings for the Balkans’. He emphasized the importance of regional cooperation in direction of approaching higher economic standards and accelerating the process of integration in the European Union.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Violeta Madjova from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences explained the process of Euroisation and its impact on the economic development of the Western Balkans countries.

In the third panel, Mr. Federico Fernandez raised the issue of the case for open society and made comparative analysis of the theories of several sociologists towards the benefits of the open society. He stated that the role model of setting the values and principles for a applicable open society is Karl Popper.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mevludin Ibish from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences talked on democracy and globalization as a struggle for the Western Balkan societies. He underlined the importance of having democratic systems in our societies as a tool of achieving  success in various fields and on the other hand, he noted that the process of globalization has seriously influenced the societies in the Western Balkans.

Sani Saidi, IBU Alumni moderated the roundtable and shared his experience as an intern at the Austrian Economics Center.

Pishtar Lutfiu, President of the Alpbach Club Macedonia presented the projects of the club and shared information on the Forum Alpbach Scholarship Program for students.

Representatives of IBU and AEC agreed to intensify cooperation and address topics of mutual interest in future projects.


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