The President of the IBU Executive Board and Member of the Grand Assembly of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Hüseyin Bürge attended the Graduation Ceremony of International Balkan University on Friday, 3rd June 2016. “As we are celebrating the 10th anniversary, IBU today is a fortified bridge between the nations of the Balkans and Turkey. He expressed his deep belief that the younger generations of the region will strenghten the brotherly relations between them for the sake of prosperity and common welfare” he said in his speech in front of the audience. Below you can find the full text of his address:

Honorable Deputy Prime Minister,
Honorable State Minister of Republic of Macedonia,
His Excellencies, Ambassador of Turkey,
Valuable Members of Skopje Culture and Education Board,
Valuable Rector of International Balkan University,
Respectable Academics,
Dear Guests and Students,

I cordially welcome you to the graduation ceremony of International Balkan University in its tenth anniversary.

Respectable Guests, as a son of a Balkan immigrant family, I first count my thousands of blessings to my God for the opportunity to serve in these lands of our ancestors and brothers.

The Balkan people who shared their lives with our ancestors in the Ottoman times laid the strong foundations of great hospitality. This sacred brotherhood atmosphere is still breathed in Skopje, Sarajevo, Montenegro, Serbia and all Balkan regions.

Dear Guests,

In such strong atmosphere, I have found many traces from myself, home and country. Just 12 years ago, we had a dream and decided to run to make it real. Just like our ancestor Sultan Resat in Kosova, in 1911, on the very location, where Sultan Murad the first fell martyr, prayed on a Friday with more than 100.000 Muslim brothers, we swore on sharing our bread with Balkan brothers and on winning their hearts. In my tenure as the Mayor of Bayrampasa, we set the project of “Charity Convoy” in Ramadans and cried out the motto of “Brothers Beyond Borders” establishing the bridges of hearts. In fact, we not only shared our bread, but also our fraternity in the dinners and gatherings for arts. This unique project has proved the depth of mutual yearnings and feelings.

International Balkan University of Skopje Cultural and Educational Foundation, in its tenth year, displays the best example of such bridges and brotherhood. Students from the regions of “Sons of Conquerors” and Anatolia compose the enticing flowers of a single vase as being gathered under the roof this University with the bonds of fraternity and principles of strong education. Perhaps it the greatest happiness for us to serve in great justice, which is the heritage we have received from our ancestors.

Respectable guests,

Our university in its ten years of service has acquired a distinctive standing in the Balkans through its quality education having also received the appreciation from the Macedonian authorities. IBU was rated the best private university according to the Shangai criteria. This success was achieved through limited capacities, but through academic sincerity and confidence. I also should underline the point that our new campus of 60.000 square meters of space is rising in its construction. I hope it will have been finished in its half by 2016-2017 education year, and we will offer more modern and technological capacities in the new premises. As we are decided to make IBU as the best one in the Balkans, it is our sole aim to educate the future leaders as those working for the peace and benefits of their societies in their exemplary moral values.

Respectable Guests,

There is a “man of state” His Excellencies that I would like to extend sincere thanks on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the university. I feel obliged to thank to His Excellencies President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has never hesitated to deliver his support since the first day, who has launched and dedicatedly realized gigantic projects of education, culture and history and who has set up the bridges of hearts, who has been a lover of the Balkans and extend my thanks to his colleagues as well. May God give him a long life.

In this regard, I also thank the President of Macedonia George Ivanov and former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his colleagues.

I also extend my thanks to our Deputy Minister Prof Dr. Numan Kurtulmus, who has honored our graduation ceremony in the tenth anniversary.

In addition, I deliver thanks to our dedicated supporters and donators who have empowered the university in the last 10 years, to the members of executive board who ardently have struggled for present level of the university, to Rector Prof Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu, who is the architect and mastermind of our success and to the academics, and also to those who work at every level of the University.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate our graduating students who chose International Balkan University for their education. I wish them all to work in their future lives as “Ambassadors of Peace” for the Balkans, Turkey and other regions of the world, and may God bestow upon them, their families healthful, peaceful and successful lives.

I entrust you all to God, with my respect and regards.

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