The Rector of International Balkan University, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu at the Graduation Ceremony, Class 2016, shared his satisfaction from the success that IBU achieved in the past 10 years. Below you can find extracts from his greeting speech at the Ceremony.

“10 years ago, the founders of International Balkan University aimed to establish a path, a bridge to rebuild the cooperation, understanding and brotherhood between the different nations and cultures in the Balkans and Turkey. Today, as a rector of International Balkan University, I am proud to witness, proud to see the result that with these youngsters on the stage here, we established this educational bridge, like the Stone Bridge – Vardar”

“At IBU today, we have students from Macedonia, from Turkey, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and even more. Back in 2011, when we were celebrating the first graduation ceremony, they were only 19 graduates. Today, they are 144. A decade earlier it was only two faculties and two programmes; today we have 7 faculties, 22 undergraduate and 6 master programmes.”

“Today, for many youngsters in the Balkans, IBU is the first university destination, because they are convinced that it is here where knowledge meets practice; degree leads to jobs and careers; foreigners become friends, friends become brothers and sisters… this is what makes IBU special and different from others. On the other hand, we are deeply convinced that when we move to the new university campus, without any modesty – the best university campus in the region, we will be able to offer the latest standards in education and research to the new generations”

“As I mention the campus, I cannot skip a very honest gratitude to one man who works days and nights to see the gates of the Campus open for our students – the President of our Executive Board, Mr. Huseyin Burge. Dear President, thank you for being a real motivation and inspiration for all of us, particularly for the new generations who surely find a role model in your story of success”

“My dearest graduates, we are all happy and a bit sad today. On one hand, we see well-educated, intelligent and skilful graduates, who had no problem they could not solve; open to criticism; esteemed personalities; people dedicated to their families and friends. On the other hand, we feel a bit of sadness to see you leaving our university. But, as we never forget to remind each-other that we are one big family, I encourage you to keep in touch with IBU. IBU was and will remain your second home; therefore I deeply believe that our bonds will get even stronger. Please never forget that you belong here, and you will always have your part here. While you open many new doors in the future, don’t forget that there is and there will always be an open door for you at IBU”


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