Where the synergy of the students’ visions happens!

Who we are

  • SCA office is dedicated to promoting positive cultural communication and exchange and enhancing social engagement of the students of International Balkan University, through organizing social activities and cultural events.
  • SCA aims to provide  a support for any student’s social or cultural activity that will lead to bigger recognition and promotion of the student values of IBU student campus.
  • This activities are design by students for the need of students to get to know each other better, to promote oneself and its qualities, to participate and contribute to student activities, and empower the student position at the IBU campus.
  • This office will be an incubator of interesting student ideas, enabling them to become a valuable student projects. With that, CSA is a place where the students’ efforts will be recognized , promoted and valued.

What we do

  • SCA Office for the upcoming academic years aims:
  • Establishing and reviving student clubs (ex: Diplomacy club, Public Relations club, Orators club, Music Club, Theater Club, Poetry club, Movie Club, etc)
  • Promotion and recognition of the talented students and their unique qualities (IBU Talents)
  • Organizing festivals and exhibitions (ex: Spring Festival, Annual art student exhibition)
  • Organizing a multimedia events  (visual, theater, poetry experience)
  • Promotion  and recognition of the alumni students of IBU
  • Organizing a thematic events and education workshops
  • Organizing a events of multicultural exchange
  • Continuing and contributing to the existing student projects (ex. “Dare to Share”)
  • Organizing a community- charity events

How we do it

  • SCA activities  till now was realized as separate initiatives, but it pushed us to this moment of creating an  unique place where the synergy of student visions can happen.
  • This office will function on the basis of interest and engagement of the current students. Any idea, suggestion and expressed will for engagement is welcomed.
  • So you write to us, we will listen, get in contact with you and engage you in the activities that you prefer and appreciate.