Under the auspices of the Rector of International Balkan University, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu, iftar dinner with representatives of political, academic and business life was organized on Monday, 13th June 2016 in Restaurant “Sharri” in Lisec, Tetovo. The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Skopje, H.E. Ömür Şölendil, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Turkey in Macedonia, Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski, Member of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Sali Murati, State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Behixhudin Shehapi, Vice President of IBU Executive Board, Mr. Kenan Mazlami, Coordinator of TIKA Skopje, Mr. Teoman Tiryaki, Director of Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Skopje, Dr. Mehmet Samsakci, President of MATTO, Mr. Tuna Eyup Kahveci, President of MATUSITEB, Mr. Tahsin Ibrahim, members of the ÜSKÜP Foundation and CEOs of business in Macedonia. In his welcome speech, the Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu thanked all guests for their presence and conveyed his sincere wishes for peace, solidarity and humanity among people.

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